Aristeia 101: The Chemical Brothers

The Chemical Brothers is a two-character expansion for Aristeia that came out in 2019. Bachman and Hammerhead are both Poison loving fiends, but play in very different ways. Bachmann to manage States, yours and theirs Bachman manipulates states, taking them upon himself and redistributing them as he sees fit.  Obviously, keeping negative states (except for Poison) off of Hammerhead is a great way to support … Continue reading Aristeia 101: The Chemical Brothers

Aristeia 101: Legendary Bahadurs

Simple Synergies Legendary Bahadurs: Oberon, Koorie Queen, Shona Corona, Final Boss Oberon for deck manipulation and Silence Oberon is the team’s support character. He benefits the team by drawing cards and by imposing negative States on enemies. Also, he can discard to give his allies a Yellow die. Silenced is a state only he can give out and is generally horrifying to everyone else. Being … Continue reading Aristeia 101: Legendary Bahadurs

Aristeia 101: Human Fate

Human Fate is the all-women team for Aristeia. Dart, Bixie, Eclypse, and Prysm make up this slightly trickier expansion we recommend for Intermediate players. That said? Here are some simple synergies for the team! Dart to hunt ranged opponents Dart’s role benefits from synergies, but she doesn’t necessarily reciprocate in direct measure. She needs to take advantage of them in the team, and contributes by … Continue reading Aristeia 101: Human Fate

Aristeia 101: Smoke & Mirrors

Smoke & Mirrors Team is a fascinating team. Padre-Inquisitor Mendoza, Murtair, Kozmo, and Taowu make up a fun team with previously unseen mechanics plus novel takes on traditional roles. Need some simple synergies? Padre Mendoza for Healing and BURNING Mendoza provides front-line healing whether you like it or not. He’s a better healer than Parvati and hands out Burning (the only other stackable State in … Continue reading Aristeia 101: Smoke & Mirrors

Aristeia 101: Soldiers of Fortune.

Soldiers of Fortune Team is our first recommended expansion for Aristeia. Hannibal, Valkyrie, Laxmee, and Senor Massacre are all great as individuals. How are they as a team? Pretty great, actually! Hannibal as the Supervisor Hannibal is pretty much the supervisor for your team. A good example of this is Pointman and Coordinated Assault. Offense is buffed if the enemy is within his Line of … Continue reading Aristeia 101: Soldiers of Fortune.