Aristeia 101: Legendary Bahadurs

Simple Synergies

Legendary Bahadurs: Oberon, Koorie Queen, Shona Corona, Final Boss

Oberon for deck manipulation and Silence

  • Oberon is the team’s support character. He benefits the team by drawing cards and by imposing negative States on enemies. Also, he can discard to give his allies a Yellow die.
    • Silenced is a state only he can give out and is generally horrifying to everyone else. Being able to stop someone from using an ability is unique in the game and is pretty much what will make him a high priority target.
    • Choosing to Stun or Dazzle an enemy using his switch is powerful since you can choose the one which is more appropriate for the target. Stunned might be better against targets with difficult rolls or nothing past 1:1 range. Dazzled is better for ranged support or offensive characters.
      • Shona’s Vigour tactic gives an AP discount against Stunned and Dazzled targets.
      • Final Boss’ Swim Move ability benefits from enemies being Stunned or Dazzled. His i-Khol negates a Success, so stacking that with Stunned is fairly amazing. O-ho-hoh, Surprise requires a Stunned target. Crystal Clear imposed Immobilize to all Stunned enemies!
    • I’m hope adding a Yellow die is good for him and You’ll Forget When Waking.
      • Shona can use it primarily for trying to hit her character switch and Broadsword’s switch. It can also help get her switch for Whirlwind.
      • Koorie’s Switches can all benefit from the Yellow. Bounce needs a little help trying to get the additional Block.
  • Tactics:
    • Destiny is a big play. This is a til the end of the round NO for everything, including your own tactics. Ideally you should have Oberon in a protected position. Consider Destiny to be protection against your opponent’s deck at the cost of your own. You absolutely need to be prepared for it – this is not a tactic to use without some thought.
    • Delirium is an interesting card because you’re sending cards to the discard pile, but they’re replacing them if they have the available cards.
    • Despair can be used on yourself or your opponent. It is a foreshadowing of TCOMM and has an interesting decision to be made regarding what is kept versus going to the bottom of the deck. That said, Oberon can mitigate the negative aspect of it via “You’ll Remember When Dreaming.”
    • Desire is universally beneficial to the team provided you are not basing your tactics deck on bringing back cards to your deck (or at least THAT card).

Shona Carano for skirmishing and some positional influence

  • Shona is a melee aristo with a hard-hitting attack, interesting movement options, plus the ability to flip state tokens on her. Her ideal range is also a little larger than normal for a melee aristo, giving her a larger threat range as a result.
    • Hit the Blade and Broadsword both can displace targets. Hit the Blade can also allow Shona do displace herself as does Defense at a Distance. Getting enemies out of the scoring zone, displacing them away from vulnerable allies such as Oberon, plus knocking them into line of sight or out of cover so allies have an easier time following up.
    • Do note that Obstacles can be targeted by attacks, so Shona can influence the hexadome by moving them. It is not as practical or efficient as Hexx3r’s Vade Retro ability, but it is there.
    • If an enemy is Stunned, Dazzled, or Immobilized then she can displace them into potentially advantageous positions for Final Boss’ Swim Move.
  • Tactics
    • Amputate is a powerful ability that can save an ally or leave you with an uncontested scoring zone. Do note that while she has to impose the -2 energy state on herself, it will flip at the end of her turn, leaving her with -1 instead. The mere threat of this card can possibly distract your opponent to over-prioritizing Shona or avoiding her.
      • Given it has a 1:2 range, a Dazzled character 2 spaces away is the ideal target. Oberon can contribute this as can Final Boss.
      • Likewise, Stunned from Koorie Queen or Oberon would make the attack safer.
      • Interacts well with Shona’s Vigour tactic card.
    • Vigour is a card that capitalizes on Dazzled and Stunned, States that Oberon, Final Boss, and Koorie can all give out in various ways.  Ideally, she should either be surrounded or have a high-priority target with the required states. Turning Broadsword into a 2 Energy attack and Hit The Blade into a 1 Energy can be really good. This gives you the freedom to mix and match between damage and displacement potential depending on what you need at the moment (such as clearing a zone of hard targets or filling up the infirmary).
    • Riposte helps Shona defend an area. While it doesn’t necessarily increase the odds of her escaping with no damage taken, it makes attacking her much more dangerous in ranges 1:2.
    • Whirlwind is a nice bit of uncontested damage within its range of 1:2. More than that, though, is the fact its Switch can add directed damage on top of that. This will help with high defense enemies that are hard to damage.

Koorie Queen to attack at range and protect via debuffing

  • The ability to gain the Hidden state will help Koorie in a number of roles. Attacking? Using Bounce to inflict Stunned? Trying to get to the scoring zone? All great.
    • Feral Spirit gives her hidden at the beginning of her activation if no enemies are within range 1:3. This helps reduce her need for protection against ranged opponents and debuffs.
    • Koorie’s character switch allows her to get away from an enemy blocker by displacing and protects her with Hidden. This helps her be a little less reliant on outside assistance, freeing up teammates.
    • Hide does not stop by Oberon’s “I’m Hope” passive ability. As such, she can benefit from it even while hidden.
    • Boomerang is quite nice, but it’s the switch that leads into Bounce that makes her so valuable to the team. She can do damage and debuff via Stunned a second target withing 1:3 with no Line of Sight required. This helps the whole team by making it safer for them to attack, reduces the enemy’s damage output, and lessens the chances of success for abilities. This is particularly good for Shona with Vigour and Final Boss with Swim Move.
  • Tactics:
    • Huntress Queen gives a selective damage buff against one target. This will play well with all the other characters on your team except for Oberon. To maximize this benefit to the team she should go first or second in your initiative order though.
    • Hidden In The Sand is a good way to get some extra movement in Koorie’s turn. Whether this is used offensively or defensively is up to you. Additionally, using this instead of moving would allow you to use Boomerang and Bounce or use Bounce twice. This opens up options for her and lets her support the team rather nicely.
    • Special Spin is an excellent tactic in general but is particularly good for Final Boss and Shona. The uncontested damage is icing on the cake, of course.
    • Whispers from the Desert is nice punishment for attacking teammates. Great for if Koorie is in a crowd of enemies (by her choice or not), but ideally, she should be the 1st or 2nd in the initiative order to maximize it.

Final Boss as a slippery bastard

  • He’s a very up close and personal character with a number of 1:1 moves, his character switch being range 1:2, and his attack being 1:4. He’s a front-liner, right up there with Shona. The fact Final Boss can potentially hand out three different States to enemies is a tremendous boon to the team. While the ranges are limited (1:1 and 1:2), it still helps that he can hand out Stunned, -2 Movement, and Dazzled. Additionally, his teammates can benefit from of all of these states.
    • -2 Movement is a boon for Shona and Koorie, plus keeps Oberon a bit safer.
    • Dazzled helps protect everyone’s offense including Shona as nobody has to be 1:1 for their attacks.
    • Swim Move helps Final Boss capitalize on these states with additional mobility options.
    • I-Khol helps Final Boss’ survivability at such a normally hazardous range.
  • Tactics:
    • Wiiillmaaa! Allows Final Boss to throw barriers and Minions around the Hexadome. This is a useful tool for influencing the flow of traffic in the area by creating choke points, cutting off routes through blocked spaces, etc. Moreover, if the Obstacle is a Barrier? It makes a nice little attack as well. Either way, this is great for Shona and Oberon, but Koorie’s ability to hit enemies with Bounce after Boomerang does not have a line of sight requirement, so she can particularly take advantage of it.
    • Oh-hoh-ho Surprise allows Final Boss to trade Stunned states on enemies with 2 damage. Koorie and Oberon can set this up, although it can conflict with Shona who makes use of Stunned states for Vigour and safer attacks from 2 spaces away. That said, the fact Final Boss also moves adjacent to the enemy is quite valuable since he is now in his ideal range.
    • Chimera Ram is an excellent tactic to get through a fray rife with blockers. Adding “Face Meet Fist” at the end of it is particularly useful as well.
    • Crystal Clear works fantastically well with Oberon and Koorie, granted that the team is working on putting out Stun. There is no range to this tactic, so its very powerful if set up.