Aristeia 101: Human Fate

Human Fate is the all-women team for Aristeia. Dart, Bixie, Eclypse, and Prysm make up this slightly trickier expansion we recommend for Intermediate players. That said? Here are some simple synergies for the team!

Dart to hunt ranged opponents

  • Dart’s role benefits from synergies, but she doesn’t necessarily reciprocate in direct measure. She needs to take advantage of them in the team, and contributes by removing threats to the rest of the team.
    • Hidden is both boon and bane for Dart, depending on what requires line of sight on her. This primarily affects Eclypse’s Moon Cycle in that she can only use it on Dart if they are adjacent or Dart is not hidden. That said Dart is most easily used to attack targets from a distance, preferably after the 2nd round. This allows her to soften up targets or eliminate them for the rest of the team. She should preferably never be in melee range to any enemies if it can be helped.
    • Dendro-nanoids can be used to cash in on states on enemies (including normally positive ones) but can also be a way to remove states from teammates. It should be used when removing the state might be preferable to flipping it, but that will be very contextual. Removing Immobilize, Dazzled, and other crippling effects might be worth it during a match, but Poison and Burning? Perhaps not. Use with caution.
  • Tactics:
    • Batrachotoxin and Predatory Instinct are one of Dart’s most feared combos. Because it cacn be used by any character, these two cards together make a nice, easy contribution to the team. Just be sure to give Dart line of sight to the enemy or make sure they’re marked.
    • Ambush seemingly negates Dart in exchange for keeping her safe. However, she can still move so if you wanted to use her to score that’s a good use for it. Also, keeping her safe reduces the workload for the rest of the team for a little bit. Do not underestimate this fact!
    • Surprise Factor helps out all team members, particularly since Eclypse can grant Hidden to allies. Even if the character isn’t needed, sometimes 1 Movement is enough to decide the outcome in a particular situation.

Bixie for getting into scoring zones and target designation

  • Bixie is the rival to Gata, and this shows in her design. While she is a scoring character, its worth noting that whereas Gata protects her teammates via Misdirection giving Dazzle? Bixie assists in imposing States and gaining frags by using Emperor’s Light for imposing Marked on enemies. Celestial Wind and Doumu’s Gift help her get around the board to do her work. Note that you want to be sure to Place yourself as often as possible since her disengage isn’t exactly great.
  • Tactics
    • Feng Shui is a unique ability to create a Blocked space once per game. Blocking or creating choke points on the map to help limit enemy movement and options benefits all characters on the team. The main trick is when and where its used, plus the scenario.
    • Curse of Xuanwu requires set-up, but again, benefits all characters in the team. A slower, Marked enemy is easier for Prysm to catch up to, for Dart to attack, and gives Eclypse two states to manipulate.
    • Benediction of Zhurong helps get Bixie out of a stick situation via the Displace, then she can use Doumu’s gift to further move. This helps with her overall gameplan, regardless of the route you go.
    • Guided by the Spirits changes all her abilities to having no Line of Sight requirement for her turn. This really helps maximize her scoring AND Marking functions. Either way, any support you give her to let her get into position will help.

Prysm to ruin game plans

  • Taunting is a powerful ability in general, but Pulsing Light and Guiding Light make Prysm’s especially harsh. Simply put, Prysm is the best active defense the team has. Her Defense and Character Switch help keep her alive which allows her to waste as much of the opponent’s turn as possible. This keeps her team alive by forcing enemies to waste Action Points on sub-optimal attacks (especially if they’re forced to use Contender).
    • Bixie can move about more freely when not under the threat of attack. Additionally, the automatic attacks caused by Pulsing Light means enemy support characters might not have enough Action Points to use buffs or debuffs (particularly Immobilize, Dazzle, and Stun).
    • Eclypse can extended the duration of the taunt using Moon Cycle. Additionally, the fact that Guiding Light marks Prysm means Eclypse can use Moon Cycle on her even if she doesn’t have direct line of sight.
    • Dart will appreciate the bigger target being out there.
  • Tactics:
    • Blinding Light is a good card for any taunted characters who are outside Pulsing Light’s range. Since it can be used by any character on the team, its an awesome defense card.
    • Solar Flare and Reflection all offer uncontested damage under certain circumstances. Same with Refraction. Your choice in which to add to your deck might need to be made in light of what the rest of your tactics deck is like plus how aggressive you want to be.

Eclypse for State Manipulation

  • An interesting alternative to Parvati, Eclypse can impose States to targets plus manipulates (but not necessarily removes) states. So, while not as powerful a support character she is more versatile.
    • All characters (including an unhidden Dart) will benefit from Black Lightening’s switch since it imposes Dazzled on enemy targets.
    • Moon Cycle is a powerful way to extend or shorten the duration of States by flipping them. Note that when Poison and Burning flip they automatically go off then are removed. As such, leaving them alone on a friendly target is probably the only real option here.
    • Penumbra granting Hide is very useful for Prysm when she’s on offense, Bixie when moving around, or Dart before she goes on her first turn. Sadly, Eclypse cannot impose this state on herself.
    • Her character Switch adding Marked to a target is very potent on this team given each member has specific reasons to attack enemies. Likewise, it requires a success, so using it with Moon Cycle could give Prysm the Marked state in case its removed from her or Guiding Light is Silenced.
  • Tactics:
    • Polarization can be either be massive buff or debuff depending on what states are on the character. If Dart can load a character up with poison utilizing Predatory Instinct or Silent Death then Polarization can set it off. This would allow you to not use Batrachotoxin or spend AP on Dendro-nanoids later.
    • Luxumbra is another versatile tactic usable on allies and enemies, plus can be used by any character. Whether its for defense or offence is really up to you. Prysm should be perpetually Marked, Dart perpetually hidden. Likewise, Bixie can mark characters, while Eclypse can Mark and Hide them.
    • Baily’s Bead marks a target. This, as noted above, combines well with the whole team plus Luxumbra. The lack of a roll and range makes this particularly good.
    • Veil of Darkness hides a target. Its worth noting that it can be used on enemies! While you might wonder why, remember Dart can use Dendro-nanoids from range 0:5. So, if she’s adjacent to a target Dart can give them the state and do a point of damage. Not ideal, but workable.