Aristeia: Unboxing Hexx3r and The Chemical Brothers

My friends at Q&A have set up a second floor classroom and media setup. One of the things they’re doing with it is setting up a YouTube streaming channel, and we’re streaming gaming content (Shameless Mayhem, go check it out). So, this is my first attempt at an unboxing video because… why not?

So, when my Chemical Brothers expansion came in, I held off opening it up and painting it in favor of doing an unboxing video. Likewise, I’ve had the alternative sculpt for Hexx3r that’s been around unopened. Might as well do that as well.

Things I’m noticing:

  • I am finding that I need to work on my “uhm”s a bit. While unscripted, improvising shouldn’t result in so many “uhm”s.
  • Eye contact with the camera is a bit lacking. I find that my eyes wander a bit. I need to figure out something to stare at consistently.
  • I half wonder if another person to talk to would help?
  • Lots of “so”s as well.
  • Daggum transitions/bifocals/old eyes. Looking at things close up is a problem.
  • This was pretty much one take. So, that’s good. We actually did a first take for the intro, but Mike wanted me to try again. We did and flowed right into this whole thing.
  • Shirt isn’t flattering. Need to wear something else next time.