Aristeia: BanzaiZAP assaulting Chikahiro (3/16/19)

This is where I feel we started hitting our stride with Aristeia. BanzaiZap and I are having our fourth game, but this is our third streamed one.

Its Musashi, Wild Bill, Kozmo, and Major Lunah (BanzaiZAP) versus Parvati, Murtair, Senor Massacre, and Hannibal (me) go at it in Assault. This is the first time for BanzaiZAP using Kozmo, but his team is primarily made up from the Core characters.

I takes half of Soldiers of Fortune’s roster, but then pull from the Core and Smoke & Mirrors. Effective use of Murtair still escapes me, but it was a fun combination. Special thanks to the behinds the scenes team for improving our audio so much!