Painting Commission: Aristeia Core Set (Part 1)

So, my buddy Joshua got a copy of Aristeia! by Corvus Belli for his birthday. I had mentioned that I’d be willing to paint the minis for him if he was to make a donation to the media department at church. He thought it sounded great, so we shook hands and I got the box from him!

Now, to be honest, its been sitting around. We’ve all been busy (me with the busy season at work, him buying Maui Laser Tag and running it), so I’m finally getting to painting it now.

I did a test run of a lighter paint/primer from Krylon on one of my Warmachine minis. Its got a nice color to it, and painting over it is easier/brighter than my normal priming black. So, now they are in the garage, drying.

He asked me to base their paint job off the Philidephia Eagles, which is one of his favorite football teams. With any luck I’ll get to do a little painting tomorrow!