Aristeia: Rematch with BanzaiZAP, getting better (Game 2)

Rematch between BanzaiZAP and myself! Maximus, Musashi, Hexx3r and Hannibal are on Team BanzaiZAP, while I played Gata, Padre Mendoza, Valkyrie, and Major Lunah in this game of Assault.

Our second stream (3/2/19), and while some aspects are better (camera/screen layout) we still didn’t have a good audio setup. BanzaiZAP and I are both getting comfortable with each other and the game. What’s interesting is having better opponents really does make me want to play better. While I’ve played some fun matches before, I find that playing with my Saturday night group forces me to be a bit more creative for some reason.

This was my first time playing Padre Mendoza, which was a lot of fun.