Q&A Predictions for 2018 scorecard

Ever year on the show we have a two-parter. The first part is on the first show of the year where we make predictions for the upcoming year. We look, pontificate and prognosticate upon the computer world and industry. The second part is the last show of the year, where we score ourselves.

We did pretty well this year, coming in over 50%. Not bad! I was really happy as I watched my prediction of $199 and cheaper SSDs come true over the year (#4) – its been really exciting watching this tech mature, benefitting from more R&D and Moore’s Law.48981245_10217168621075300_1006432208933617664_o (1)

So, now what? Well, 2019’s predictions show came and went, and this is what we’ve come up with so far…


  • We’ll see at least one hyped-up “Facebook Killer” in the news this year. Even if it is the “next big thing,” its too soon to tell, and will be in the “feed me investor money” stage.
  • 5g will debut, but lack of coverage and devices mean it won’t be a must-have.
  • We’ll see a 1tb microSD card made available.
  • Edge using Chromium will debut but won’t be ready for prime-time.
  • Net Neutrality will not be brought back at a federal level this year. More states will try on a state level. (Jonathan agrees)
  • $800+ flagships are great, but the savvy shoppers will be looking at “midrange” phones between $300-500. Refurbished phones will be more desirable, too.
  • Android One will be continue to be an important but seldom taken advantage of feature for Android.
  • Privacy is going to be taken more seriously, and I think there might finally be a backlash on the subject.


  • The foldable phone will be introduced. It will end up being a fad, and way too expensive.
  • First Federal regulations regarding privacy and breach-disclosure
    will be introduced. But not necessarily passed.
  • 5G networks arrive, and are met with meh.
  • Self Driving, for real, and it works.
  • Name Brand 1TB SSDs hit $100. Sub-$500 laptops start to include SSDs. NOW traditional HDs are in trouble. (Sam agrees)
  • Playstation 5 arrives 3Q.
  • AMD gains SIGNIFICANT market share, due primarily to 7nm chips.


  • Battery technology will see increase in storage by leaps and bounds in 2019.
  • SpaceX will send the Dragon around the moon using Falcon Heavy in 2019.
  • Meh on 5g.
  • New firewall technology will improve defenses for voting machines (including blockchain) in times for the 2020 elections.
  • New Earth-like exo-planet will be found in the sun’s neighborhood (50LY) with an atmosphere of oxygen, nitrogen, co2, etc.
  • Driverless cars don’t get headway due to lack of confidence on the part of the driver.
  • Electric/Gas hybrids break hybrid sales due to better tech and prices dropping.
  • NASA and the Chinese space agency relationships will improve, possibly cooperating.
  • A more progressive congress comes back to the Paris accord and global warming.


  • Self-driving cars won’t be a big thing until the attorneys figure out liability issues. (Roscoe)
  • Pile of streaming services is going to be cut so thin, late in the year we’ll see consolidations. (Perry)