Blitz Bowl: Starting Off!

So, after staring at it for a few months I finally went ahead and got Blitz Bowl from Barnes & Noble. Blitz Bowl is a smaller version of Games Workshop’s Blood Bowl, a grid-based game of fantasy meets football/rugby/sportsball.

I hope to play it at some point, and think it’d be something some of my board game playing friends would like. But, so far its more about painting the minis for me. They’re GW’s push-fit, so they seem good overall. My thoughts at the moment are:

  • The Orc Lineman 2, Blitzer, and Thrower all seem like they’d benefit from being assembled and glued. Only push-fitting them doesn’t seem to hold as well as I’d like.
  • The Orcs have lots of spikey bits, so be prepared for that when trying handle them for taking out of the sprues, assembling, etc.
  • Having something to handle the mold lines would be good. GW’s little doo-dad was quite nice there.

It was a nice, quiet way to pass some time while getting over a head cold!