Aristeia! Starting on Smoke & Mirrors

I ordered Smoke & Mirrors for Aristeia a while ago, but due to it being out of stock I only received it now. Which is fine, timing wise. I’ve gotten three of my friends playing somewhat regularly, so the extra variety now is great since they’ve all got a decent grasp on the game.

So, first off I’m going to have to say that spray priming gray on gray minis wasn’t terribly smart of me. So, I’m hoping they primed okay. If I end up painting my friend’s Aristeia! minis (he got the core set for his birthday), I’ll probably end up priming white while attempting to do a reverse Zenithal dry brushing (ie, black on the darker areas). I dunno. I could do black and a normal Zenithal as well. Tried and true.

Anyhow, these guys are primed and Zeni’d, so I’ll be working on them in the next week and a half with the intention of debuting them that Sunday.