Warmachine: Repainting Sovereign Durant

Last year I read a novel called Godless by Orrin Grey. Set in Privateer Press’ Iron Kingdoms, the protagonist was a new warcaster and priest of the god Menoth. He was caught between duty as a priest and that as a warcaster, navigating duty and political intrigue amongst the faithful (where he expected it the least).

His name was Sovereign Tristan Durant, and I found him interesting. I read up on his gameplay, and figured I should be able to handle him. He wasn’t super tricky or complex, a big plus in my book. I wasn’t really into High Exemplar Kreoss, even though he was also fairly straightforward. Since then Durant has been my go-to warcaster when I play Protectorate for Warmachine.

When I got and painted the miniature, however, I didn’t really do all that great a job. I was using a two spray-can method of Zenithal priming. Zenithal priming can give good, quick results, but I was having trouble with the priming on the white (the light source color) being rough. Fast forward to October a year later? I went ahead and stripped down Durant back to bare metal with the intent to repaint.

The biggest things I did differently made a fair bit of difference:

  • I primed grey instead of black. I found myself not having to fight quite so much against the priming as a result. This resulted in me not using as much paint, allowing the Zenithal priming to do its thing.
  • I did the Zenithal priming using inexpensive white acrylic paint and drybrushing it on. This gave me considerably more control than using a spray can, and honestly felt more satisfying.
  • Initially I had hated the color scheme. Since then I’ve adopted it, and learned to make it work. The initial concept was to try tying in both his Protectorate allegiance and his Llaelese roots. Now? I focus more on the Llaelese (purple) and common aspects (gold), leaving white as a neutral bit, and having only sparse Protectorate color (sanguine/burgundy).
  • I used yellow to basecoat the gold. While more experienced painters suggested a different route for next time, I have to admit the results here were pretty good.

And that’s it! Time and patience helped too. I think I spent close to two hours on him, whereas before it was probably an hour. Nice not being in a rush to play! Before (left) and after (right), with steps below.

Durant before and after.jpg