What we did for Hurricane Lane

rainy day StockSnap_1AGVMUXMYI
Photo courtesy of https://stocksnap.io/

The nice thing about modern life is we get head starts on tsunamis, tropical storms and hurricanes. This is fantastic compared to previous generations who basically have some of these things drop down on them with little to no warning.

Since we had an idea of what could happen, this is what we did at the office:

  • Unplugged everything. If it was in the wall, it got unplugged. Electricity is a fun thing, and no sense playing with it if we didn’t have to.
  • Checked our backup. Was it there? Yep.
  • Covered more sensitive equipment with tarps. Some of our gear will be okay with water. Some? Less so. While we couldn’t do much about heavy gear on the ground, we could at least cover it up just in case.
  • Get stuff off the floors. Some stuff would not abide with flooding water, so what we could get off the ground we did.
  • Cleared out as much work as we could. If everything went south we’d be up to our heads in work, true, but might as well make sure we could get as much finished and out as possible.