Back in the Saddle

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Took a break, and now I’m back!

I’m still working with God’s House Maui’s multimedia department, running our presentation software, working on our audio podcast, and generally being one of the handyman types. So, that’s good. I’m still working with great people, still love my church, and got great friends I’m so happy to have.

Likewise, I’m still with Q&A Presents: Maui Online as a talking head. While I started off as a call screener back in 2013, I got an opportunity to move up into the studio as a regular. I have to say that with LD and Jonathan it doesn’t feel like work so much as a conversation with friends! Also manage to work with my brother and Jonathan to get some affiliate programs started.

What is new, at least for this year, is I’m helping out with some little bits and pieces with HawaiiCon 2018. I’ll readily admit I’m new to this, and here’s hoping I do a good enough job that they’ll have me back to volunteer next year.