Q&A Presents: March 11, 2017

Back in the saddle! Yay!

We had a two-topic show: Right To Repair and The State of Malware. I think both are very relevant right now, and certainly the right to repair came up a lot with our various story contributors. Behind the scenes we’ve got a private group where almost a dozen different people submit stories for our weekly news, but the right to repair came up number of times.

Its actually a nice little system. LD does his own story research (pretty much every space story is guaranteed to be a find from him), but this puts a lot of options at his fingertips. Usually he has more stories than he can use, and that’s okay.

Jonathan found the second hour’s topic: nothing like industry white papers and the like to stoke discussion. While the wikileaks story was a possibility, he opted to wait and see how it plays out. Better to be late but accurate than early and wrong. And honestly it might just blow over given how old the stuff was. We’ll see.