Q&A Presents: Dec. 3, 2016

I’ll have to ask Jonathan and LD what they think of the split show format. Its great when we have no calls (boo), but not so great when we have a good call traffic. Sort of a double-edged thing. I also wonder how our listeners like it – keeps things in easier to digest chunks, I hope!

This week’s VPN 101 hour came about due to audience feedback. Its something I’ve been wanting to look into for a while since I didn’t know much about them, but kept seeing special deals from various Pay-What-You-Want sites I get newsletters from. I’ll probably get a subscription to one soon since I do use my phone a lot for internet access.

The second hour was on charities and charity scams. Honestly, we did this last year and I’d really like it to be at least an annual tradition. I loathe charity scams more than normal ones because I think they’re more harmful to the psyche of internet users. Taking advantage of people’s better motivations is worse, to me, than going after our more selfish impulses or ignorance.