Saitama: Nov. 24, 2016

One Punch Man is one of my favorite manga right now. Fantastic art, off-kilter story, and downright odd super heroes makes it a weird mish-mash of things. Right up my alley. This go around I decided to do some coloring rather than draw. Its something I used to do in college, and enjoyed doing even though I had to use a mouse to do so.

I started off with a screenshot taken from the manga in my Nook collection. Easy enough. A quick search on Bing (fun fact – they’ll bribe you to use them) got me a color sample to work with. More importantly, ArtRage has an eyedropper tool allowing you to sample colors from the reference picture and use in the art you’re doing. This was pretty invaluable to me versus trying to color match with ArtRage’s color picker.

The workflow is pretty much the same as when I draw – layers and lots of them! I switched between multiple brushes, just trying them out. Also, unlike previous things I’ve done, I took some time to do basic cleanup. The screenshot was the top layer with a multiply-like setting used so the colors beneath would show up.

Not bad.