Clark Steel: Nov. 22, 2016

I ended up borrowing a Wacom Bamboo Fun (what a name) from the office. Nobody used it anymore as the employee it was bought for has since retired. Well, lucky me, eh?

Attempting the initial sketch in Photoshop CS5. I am kind of wondering how much longer CS5 will be viable – its getting pretty long in tooth, and I’m reasonably sure Adobe hasn’t patched it in years. It wouldn’t surprise me if at some point I’ll be like my old peers who had to find alternatives to their Adobe CS5 and CS6 suites when an OSX update finally broke the program. Microsoft is better about that whether they like it or not, but it’ll happen eventually.

Anyhow, rough sketch in Photoshop, and then I decided to bring it into my just-purchased Affinity Designer. Its probably the wrong tool for the job, but if you don’t try things, you’ll never learn, right?

I ended up abandoning this drawing simply because I realized how much a disconnect the Wacom Bamboo has versus the Surface. Being able to draw naturally is huge. While obvious, you don’t really realize what a difference it is until you’ve actually done it. Now, my friend Aaron does just fine with that setup, but he’s also been using that workflow for years now and he’s just awesome anyhow. A scrub like me? That’s something else.

This probably just drove home why Wacom Cintiques are so incredibly expensive by consumer standards.