God’s House: Nov. 20, 2016

Pastor Kris is still in Texas, so we have another one of our pastors stepping up. This week Pastor Janet Morel spoke to the church, and its time like this I wish Kris would go on more trips (love you man!).

Thoughtful, intelligent, and well researched. While Pastor Kris is all these things, I think there’s a big difference in style. Rob and Janet are fantastic people, and I think I could’ve just as easily heard what she said over dinner at their farm – her delivery was very personable and for another geek was fantastic. When I hear Kris speak I’m aware I’m one of many people in the room.

Now, this is a personal thing. I’ve no doubt that some folks listened to her and felt like a student in a classroom again whereas Kris is the personable one, which is fine. Certainly, I’ve been in plenty of conversations (or at least in the same room) where folks get real deep and heady and go into history.. granted, my gaming group has a ton of history buffs plus two PhD’s (one in History, the other in Astronomy).

Janet’s message pretty much required no editing for the podcast aside from normalizing the audio. No long pauses, very straightforward, well spoken. Honestly, tonight felt like a night off in that regard.

Good stuff, regardless. Janet will be doing a bible study next year, and right now its looking like I’ll need to clear up my schedule a bit for it 🙂