Taokaka: Nov. 16, 2016

Trying out Sketchable. I think I got this when it was on a free promotion (probably a heads-up from http://www.WindowsCentral.com), and its relatively nice. A little more crash happy than I’d normally care for, but that could also be due to insufficient resources on my Surface 3 (its not a Pro).

First real advantage over ArtRage is that I don’t have to worry about touch marking the art. ArtRage works with touch and stylus, but you can’t turn touch off. That means your hand can accidentally trigger it. Whoops. Being able to rotate and scale the picture is a big help as well.

Having handy reference material is handy. However, Sketchable doesn’t allow me to keep the reference picture on-screen like Artrage does. Most of my crashes were when I’d flip between my reference picture in Photos and back to Sketchable. I might have to try this using a second monitor, but this is an area it could improve.

My sense of proportion and anatomy is truly Liefeldian. The idea was having Taokaka walking with a good sense of motion. But, my primitives show disaster to come. I’m way out of practice, it shows, and I was never good to begin with so I can’t even claim has-been status!

I started inking and realized, “wow, that’s not going to work.” And I couldn’t really fix it without going in and erasing everything manually. The sad thing is I could think of several ways to fix it in Photoshop…Sketchable no lasso tool or anything… ah well. That said, the color picker for Sketchable is much better than ArtRage. Can even do HSV (why?) and RGB.

Anyhow – not terribly happy with it, but that’s okay. Practice be practice.