Son Goku 2: Nov. 15, 2016

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ArtRage made a nice little art program for Windows 8 back in the day (ArtRage Touch). Using an actual art program as opposed to the very basic Windows Ink Workspace Sketch was quite nice.

I’ve never been particularly good with primitives. Thankfully, Artrage at least lets me have a reference sketch. Not that I’m particularly good at copying yet, either. That said, the fact that it has layers is a massive help is an understatement. I’ve used Photoshop long enough to remember when it didn’t have layers, and the way that layers pretty much revolutionized how I use Photoshop can’t be understated. It really simplified working with it in terms of the learning curve. Probably the only other thing that has had the same level of impact on my work would be the History palette.

Anyhow, layers mean, at least for me, that I can have a rough sketch at the bottom, inking on top, and coloring sandwiched between them all.

I’m reasonably happy with this when you consider my last sketchbook is probably 20 years old.