God’s House: Nov. 13, 2016

No experimentation this Sunday. That said, its not to say nothing new happened! Amanda Criste, one of our two praise and worship pastors at God’s House actually preached for the first time.

She’s normally a friendly and affable person, so that came out rather well in her speaking. Pace was good, not a lot of starts and stops due to the more conversational tone. I think this was a good experience for her, and hope she’ll speak more in the future.

I think the best part is unlike some folks? I don’t really need to see her to get a good amount from what she says. Pastor Kris is highly animated and facially expressive, Pastor Davin is more even toned but subtle. You really are better off seeing them, I think. Amanda? She puts a lot of personality and character into her speech, and thus what you hear is what she gave, so to speak.


Looking forward to next week as I believe its Pastor Janet speaking.