God’s House: Oct. 16, 2016

We had a special guest today: Mary Hudson. Pastor Kris was quite happy to have her, even though he won’t be here next week. She came, she spoke, she prayed for a lot of people.


I have to say that I’m quite happy she’s so practiced as a speaker simply because she kept the microphone in a great, consistent position, and she projected quite well. As such, her audio came through quite nicely while editing. There was an introduction for her, but the audio there was so low I ended up discarding it rather than boosting it up to ridiculous levels.

This morning Sugidono and I worked some more on the audio issues between OBS and Audition. I downloaded and installed Soundflower – an open source extension to OSX – and while it worked once I fiddled with it enough, I’m still not entirely pleased with the situation. Its a bit of trickery in my opinion, and I don’t know if I can output audio from ProPresenter when I’m outputting audio from Audition to OBS. They seem mutually exclusive right now, but I’m hoping its a matter of correctly configuring it.