OSX audio plus online presence research

I’ve been able to find a few leads on my OSX audio issue mentioned a few days ago. Which is good. Hopefully I’ll be able to act on them soon.

  • According to this thread at Reddit, it seems that this isn’t unusual or restricted to Adobe Audition CC. One poser suggests that because audio programs use proprietary audio engines, its likely that OSB has trouble “hooking” into it. This is good news as that means its not the OS or an innate shortcoming of OSB.
  • One recommendation was for something called Sound Siphon. I’ve never heard of it, so I did a quick search to alternativeto and got some Mac alternatives for it. It does seem the one open-source option, Soundflower, has been pretty much inactive for the past 2 years overall, with only a change to the ReadMe 8 months ago.
  • One of the alternatives listed, Audio Hijack, got recommended to me by the forums at Arstechnica.com. So, I’ll probably be getting the demo for that pretty soon.

Additionally, since restarting this blog, I’ve been trying to figure out how to run it in a more timely manner. Nothing new, and I’m still working on that (especially for when shows don’t quite go up according to schedule). However, it does have me wondering about expanding it out as a way to gain practical experience in other areas.

First off, I’ve started doing a bit of research on podcasts per my brother’s suggestion. While I’m doing the audio-editing for my church’s podcast and on the Q&A radioshow/podcast, I’ve not really delved much further than that. So, I’ve been reading and watching a few things on the subject.

Finally, although I know a number of people who use Constant Contact, the simple fact is for what I’m doing right now its unnecessary. I got pointed to MailChimp by the owner of Maui Ceramics, so that might suit me well enough for now.

  • MailChimp can do RSS-to-Email, so posts to the blog can be sent out as a newsletter. Making it into a weekly digest? That ought to be easy enough to do.
  • WordPress can do email forwarding, so if I make an email address for here I can have it sent to my actual email without paying for a new email account set up with the samonmaui.com domain. Not that I dislike Google’s email, but that’s still $50/year. Bit more expensive than I’d care for on “just” a hobby.