God’s House: Oct. 9, 2016

OBS up front, ProPresenter in the back.

Part 10 of Mission: imPOSSIBLE is up. Nothing especially interesting with editing tonight which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. The more interesting stuff happened before and after service as Sugidono and I were testing Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) on the iMac.

Interestingly enough, while we could get audio from the Yamaha soundboard to the iMac via USB and into Adobe Audition CC? We couldn’t get it to OBS. From the initial research I’ve done, it seems like we need some sort of “virtual audio cable” to connect Audition (or anything else) to OBS. I’m not sure if its a quirk of OBS, Audition, or OSX. I’m leaning towards the OS based on my reading – I’m reminded of when Microsoft plugged the “analog hole” in an older version of Windows that allowed a sound card to record what it was playing back by plugging the output into the line-in.

What was a little disheartening is that some of the features I found in the Windows version of OBS were not present in the OSX version. I hope that’s a temporary thing versus lack of development or difficulty in implementation. Anyhow – I posted on my usual sites for advice, and will keep looking throughout the week.